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Liebelei Restaurant in Sölden | Food.Baked potatosLiebelei Restaurant in Sölden | Food, Burning Man

Good food in Sölden

Indulge yourself!

Satisfy your hunger? With us, there's much more. Look forward to taste festivals to suit your palate! Whether it's a crispy Caesar salad with grilled meat strips, steak classics in solo or couple sizes or meatless dishes such as burritos and quesadillas: the Liebelei team will spoil you with selected highlights from international cuisine and exclusive burger specialities.

Yes, there are plenty of restaurants and bars to eat out in Sölden. Why should you choose the Liebelei?


We have good arguments for that:

  • Internationally inspired cuisine: Our crew could of course make Austrian classics. But they would much rather spoil you with their own creations. Like the "Crime is King" burger. A dangerously tasty feast. Or our popular "Liebelei" salad, crispy and delicious. Your evening is sure to be a success.
  • A treat for meat eaters: lava stone grill? There aren't many of those in Sölden. That's why you shouldn't miss our freshly grilled steaks.
  • Sweet delights: after delicious starters, finger food or burgers, it's far from over. Dessert is always on the menu. Allow yourself a sweet temptation à la "Burning Man".
  • Veggie? You're welcome: enjoy tasty dishes like vegetarian tacos, Mexican quesadillas and burritos or the baked potato in the "Mr. Green" version.
  • So if you fancy a good meal in Sölden, you'll always hit the bull's eye with the Liebelei Sölden.
Menu download
Menu download
Liebelei Sölden - Wraps
Liebelei Restaurant in Sölden | Steak
Liebelei Sölden - Baked potatos

Good to know,

for getting good food

Food is a matter of trust. That’s why we serve our hard facts transparently:

  • Where does it come from? We source our food from local suppliers. The meat for our burgers comes 100% from Austria. For the Argentinian steak, we logically rely on top quality from South America. :-)
  • Well-established team: Our crew in the kitchen, service and bar consists of experienced gastronomy professionals. On this basis, you will be served in the best possible way.
  • Table reservation? Not necessary for dining out at the Liebelei Sölden. Our motto is "Come as you are"! So just drop by.
  • Access for all: our restaurant has a barrier-free access by lift.
  • Groups? You are very welcome! From a table of 2 to a table of 12. No matter how many people you are with. We have room for you and your friends.

Burger in Sölden & more

Delicacies from all over the world

International cuisine specialities and a selection of fine wines & premium drinks. Spend enjoyable evenings in Sölden with us.

No run-of-the-mill burgers

Our burgers are made from 100% local beef and finished with fresh, crunchy ingredients. Boring standard burgers? You won't find them here. Instead, our kitchen crew creates new delicious burger highlights with American influences. Veggie burgers are also available, of course. The right side dishes are a must. Chips, wedges, potatoes or vegetables - you decide what goes best with your burger.

Can't wait to eat  at our place? Here is a small excerpt from our menu:
Crisp salads, freshly prepared finger food, delicious steaks and burgers with local beef, baked potatoes and Mexican classics such as chilli, quesadillas, totopos and chilli poppers with homemade dips and sauces.

Download our Menu

You can find all here at our Restaurant Liebelei
in Sölden!